Painted in White: A Pomak Wedding - WebTv

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This documentary was made by Rafie Drencheva for a Capstone Project at the American University in Bulgaria. It is about a Pomak wedding in the village of Ribnovo. Pomaks are Bulgarian-speaking Muslims who live in Bulgaria. The focus is on one of Ribnovo`s oldest traditions: the painting of the face of the bride. This particular tradition is surely a front runner in the top of the most bizarre wedding customs from around the world as the bride is excessively adorned and decorated, marrying her groom with her eyes shut. Despite the Communist persecution and many challenges that the villagers of Ribnovo, encountered, they still hold tight to their traditions. The small village located in the snowy mountains of the Bulgaria has kept the unique winter wedding ceremony for centuries, even if many other villages slowly watched the custom die away with time.